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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002



                  by Llexis101

As Pagans, we live in tune with nature. Energy surrounds us. It is from this energy that we find the basis for our magickal workings. 

Be aware of the need for the energy around you. Feel The Goddess within you. Meditate, or perform a reading. Feel the Air as you listen to the wind in the trees. Feel Fire as you sip a hot beverage and the warmth touches you. Feel Water as it falls over you in the shower. Feel the Earth as you walk upon it. Your intent must be clear. What do you plan to accomplish by your magick, and most importantly, does it follow The Rede? 

Magickal spells require visualization, communication, intent, and focus. The basis of spellcasting has a shape. The right way to perform it comes from within yourself.  

As you learn the art of spellcasting, you will find that spells do not require a formal ceremony. Even so, keep in mind that the magick circle and sacred space hold and intensify the energy within. It is a way to boost the power of the spell. 

When you are ready, assemble the materials that feel right for your workings. These items should communicate meaning to you. If necessary, consult a correspondence chart for deity, element, colors, gemstones, or herbs that might be called upon or used.  

The spell itself, can be as plain or elaborate as you desire. Those whom you call upon for aid will feel your energy and intent. Words are just amplifications of these things. For that reason, if you are just reciting words and do not add the power of your own self to them, the spell will not work. Dont worry if you stumble over an incantation or forget a word. Your intent makes it clear to those whos aid you are asking. 

You will find new spells everywhere. Many pagans will happily supply you with their favorites. Others are passed down from generations before from a Book Of Shadows. They are a great basis of reference, and are easily tailored to your own beliefs and practices. 

From healing herbal remedies to the most complicated of magickcal workings, the power in your spellcasting will only be limited by the focus within yourself.