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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002

Welcome Back to The Cottage!

  Ah, Samhain absolutely my favorite turn of the wheel.I'm not sure what I love most the sights, the smells, the weather but I know I'm one happy witch this time of year. Cooking, baking, decorating, crafting Yule gifts, there is so much to do it gets a bit frantic but honestly I enjoy it. I just need to get my nest in order before i settle in for the winter. I hope this issue puts you in the same mood.

      We have some lovely greeting cards for you. Loads of recipes and crafts. Rituals and spells for the sabbat and our usual monthly offerings. Please sign the guestbook on your way out and dont forget to drop us a line I cant tell you how much your feedback means. We are still looking for help so by all means let us know if you would like to join the girls and I in putting this ezine together. Blessed Samhain from all of us here at the Cottage.                               Gypsy



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