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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002
Samhain Spells


Love Apple Lights
Silver Ravenwolf
(you can tailor the apple spell for prosperity, protection or spiritual prayer--or you can simply use the apple candles to decorate the table at your next Halloween Party)
1 fresh apple as large and as glossy as you can find
An apple corer
1 white taper candle
At 15 minutes before midnight on Halloween Eve hold the apple in your hands and ask Spirit to bless the fruit. Hum to yourself thinking of bringing love into your life (but not a specific know the drill) Continue to hum until the apple gets warm in your hands. Insert the apple corer into the stem of the apple and take out the core. Make sure not to make the hole bigger that the circumference of the candle. Hold the candle in your hands and hum again, thinking of bringing love toward you until, like the apple, the candle gets warm in your hands. Put the candle in the apple and say:
"Great Mother Goddess
Sweet, divine
Bring love to this heart of mine.."
Allow the candle to burn until it goes out but keep a watchful eye on it to make sure accidents don't happen
 Acorn Charm
Author Unknown
Acorn or acorns
rooster feathers
small hematite or similar stone
A pinch of powdered Mandrake and/or Ginseng
A small bag or pouch
Inscribe acorn(s) with runes, or other symbols of courage and strength. Put acorn(s) into the amulet bag along with the other ingredients.
Charge in your magick circle. Have the male wear the bag around his neck, close to his skin.
 Pumpkin Abundance Lights
Silver Racenwolf
6 miniature pumpkins
6 tea lights
knife or pumpkin carving tools
Cut off the tops of the little pumpkins and clean them out (save those seeds!) Cut faces into the pumpkins. Insert tealights. Hold your hands over the pumpkins and chant:
"Gold and silver coins galore all are coming to your door."
Keep your hands over the pumpkins until your palms tingle or grow warm. Give them to your friends with a smile, and repeat the spell to them. Tell them to light the candle in the pumpkin at midnight on Samhain to activate the spell.