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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002
Monthly Gemstone



This beautiful stone looks like solidified mercury.   Good for memory enhancement and mastering technical skills.   Excellent for grounding and calming. Dissolves negativity, balances yin-yang energies, stabilizes energy and emotions.   Said to attract "kind" love from others.   Also good for treating blood disorders, nervous conditions, fevers, and insomnia.   Strongly attuned to the earth.

Traditional Uses: Hematite has long been associated with psychic awareness. In addition, some people believe that it assists in astral travel. "A scrying: In a darkened room, light a red candle. Settle before it and hold a large piece of hematite so that the candle's flame is reflected on it. Gaze at the reflection and visualize a question. The answer will come to you." (Cunningham)
Wear in a pocket or pouch to carry properties with you.   Sleep with stone(s) in pillow or headboard.   Place stones on various parts of the body or chakras to improve their function.   Make an elixir by soaking stone(s) for 24 hours in water--in sunlight, if "yang" or hot energies are needed in the body; moonlight, if "yin" or cool energies are needed in the body (drink as needed).   Place stone(s) on an altar or in a spell's physical components to add particular qualities to magick.

History: Unusual stones have been used by most cultures throughout history for healing, protection, meditation, and spiritual awakening.   Examples include Native American, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Druid cultures, plus modern Shamans, New Age practitioners, and spiritual healers.   There is archaeological evidence that the earliest humans used unique stones and earth in spiritual or shamanic ceremonies. This metallic grey mineral has a long history of medicinal use. Tumors on the eyelids were treated with hematite dissolved in egg white or fenugreek. General inflammation of the eyelids only needed a solution of hematite in water. Ground to a powder, it was used to cure blood diseases (3 grains in oil) and to soothe skin ulcerations or burns. Hematite also was used to treat bilious disorders (rub with a moistened whetstone until a red juice is obtained).

Healing: Hematite is a principal blood purifier among stone healers. It can be placed anywhere on the body for this purpose, or worn as a ring, pendant or necklace for continuous healing. It is also considered a grounding stone, which makes it useful for those people who have difficulty concentrating on the "here-and-now". Shamans historically have believed that Hematite, placed over the location of an illness, will draw the "spirit" of the illness out of the patient and into itself.