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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002
Croning Ritual



by Gwyllion Moon

Samhain is the sabbat which celbrates death. the end of summer, the final days of extended light and the honoring of the dead. we have come to know that all life is death, and death is life.........for as the wheel of the seasons turns year after year, we see this to be a truth. In this truth, is also an opportunity for the crone to perform a rite which is traditional among circles, covens and solitaries. this is the croning ritual. it involves a simple joyous spell and perhaps even the taking of a new magikal name at this time of your life. it is symbolic of the wisom of the crone, the end of youth, the final phases of mother and the entry or continued existence within the third phase of the goddess and the moon itself. it is a ritual which each crone should perform for no other reason than to bless her own life and lives yet to be. i hope you will perform this rite to celebrate and honor your self and your spirit.

 colors are red, brown and black

use incense of choice.

black candle to represent death/darkness

ritual items could include,

dried leaves,

a laurel of

flowers for your hair,

a bell to call the wheel to turn,

a cauldron or burning pot,

and your own

personal stone or crystal of choice.

call the corners or thank the elements and spirit for your life and the lessons you have learned.

choose a favorite goddess to invoke for blessings or call upon the universe itself.

chant: wisdom and power are the gifts of the dark goddess.

she is known to me as...( say name chosen)

Hear me, and know me for who I am.

for i nave been with you since my birth and will

remain with you until the final dusk

Light the black candle:

this night, i swear to be both student and

teacher of your mysteries and to hold these sacred

within me.

place some dried leaves in caulron and burn:

I finish the harvest, for the wheel has turned and I

open myself to your embrace as i put aside my

former self.

I will follow you into the darkness of

transformation, so that I may awaken with balance,

illumination and wisdom. I am your crone.

place some leaves, or the laurel, in your hair. celebrate your life, your years to be, your wisdom and your spirit.

if you choose to take a magikal name or sacred name/title for this sabbat, recite the following:

from this day forth, the crone before you shall be

known as ---------------. this is my title to wear proudly in

the shadow of the dark goddess and i take

this name as my own tonight.

blessed be!


always finish the crone ritual with music and laughter. let the candle burn until you sense it is time to extinguish it. blow it out and let the smoke rise into the universe to send your thoughts of joy and renewed self to all the corners. close your circle.

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