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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002
Pagan Events and Festivals


Juneau Pagan Alience
Contact: Rainbow or Phillis
When: first Tuesday of each month
Time: around 6pm usually
Event Details: We welcome all
who are interested in meeting other Juneau Pagans. Usually you will see a peice of paper with a star on it posted where ever we are meeting.
We announce on the radio and in the newspapers all events.
We welcome all ages, all levels of experience.
Usually the first Tuesday of each month and each holiday we meet for discussion, friendship and hold public rituals held at the beach when appropriate. We announce on the radio and in the news paper all meetings and events.)
Event Location: Downtown Public Library and rituals around town Juneau AK 99801
Directions: E-mail us for more specific information. (phillis) or
(Rainbow Dragon)

AlabamaMagick City Gathering - Harvest Food Drive
Presented by: Eclectic Coven of Red Mountain
Contact: Lycia/ Morganna
When: 10/5/02
Time: 1 p.m.
Event Details: Come join us for our fall potluck
in the park to celebrate the harvest time and the cooling weather. Well fire up the grill and crank up the music. Just bring your favorite dish and join the party. As always, there will be plenty of food and fellowship, and raffle prizes, too.We also ask that everyone share in the harvest season by bringing a nonperishable food item for the food drive. All donations will go to Birmingham area United Way Community Food Bank.
If youll be able to attend, just RSVP to to let us know how
many people to expect.
Event Location: West Homewood Park Pavilion A , Homewood AL 35209
Directions: West Homewood Park is located at 121 West Oxmoor Road. From the intersection of Oxmoor Road and I-65, go west (toward the Comfort Inn). Stay on Oxmoor, bearing left at the Y in the road. The park entrance is past the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Plant on the left side of the road,
across the street from Stephens Graphics.
Email: To send a message to Lycia/ Morganna...
wotw/e_eform.htmlid=17940" Website: ""

Wiregrass Pagan Alliance
Presented by: Lady Gwendolyn
Contact: Lady Gwendolyn
When: second Sunday of the month. Start August 12, 2002
Time: noon
Call Us At: 334-718-4297
Event Details: We get together once a month to network
and be able to socialize with other pagans. We share a
common meal (bring a covered dish to share) and friendship. We donate food to the local Women's shelter. All that's required is that you follow a path that is similar and compatible with "an it harm none, do what you will". We ask that everyone is tolerant and brings an open mind. Intolerance of race, creed, sexual orientation or social status will not be accepted. Feel free to bring any topic that you would like discussed. This is very informal and loose. Children are okay as long as they are yours and you must take responsibility for their behavior.
Event Location: TBA , Dothan al 36301

Troy Alabama Pagan Alliance
Presented by: Amethyst Rose
Contact: Megan Coogle
When: TBA
Time: TBA
Call Us At: 334-670-4264
Event Details: I am trying to gather together members for a circle of pagans and wiccans on the TSU campus. This will be free of the campus and will not be a set "group". We have had
to many problems in the past trying to find an advisor. We will be a private circle. Please contact me for more information.
Bright Blessings
Amethyst Rose
Event Location: TSU CAMPUS , TROY AL 36082
Mailing Address: TSU Box 820075
Directions: TSU Campus Main....

Montgomery Pagan Studies
Presented by: Montgomery Pagan Alliance
Contact: Densho
When: Every other Sunday Afternoon
Time: 3:00 to 5:00 PM
Event Details: An offering of bi-weekly, In-house, round the
table, teaching for those who seek such. Not by any means a Coven or "social" group, but can be instramental in helping those seeking such to make those important contacts as well. Each may have their individual paths, but are simply seeking a teacher where there wasn't one available before. That is what we offer, structured lessons to get you where you want to be. Material may start out simple, to answer those first questions of someone just discovering their way, but will soon go beyond the 101 level that so many folk crave. If that is what you are looking for, drop us a line we'd lo!
Event Location: Private Residence , Prattville AL 36067

Pagan Study Group
Presented by: Magick City Pagans
Contact: Amber
When: The Second Wednesday of Every Month
Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Details: In a quest to further our spiritual paths, a small group of area Pagans got together and started a Pagan Study Group. It has been such a great learning experience that
we would like to expand our group to all interested Pagans, or people interested in learning more about Paganism, to attend the Study Group, where we will meet and discuss Paganism and various metaphysical topics throughout the coming year. Some of the topics we hope to discuss include Wicca, Methods of Divination, Gods and Goddesses, Moon Phases, Wheel of the Year and a variety of other Pagan-related subjects.
This group is made up of adult pagans who are serious in their desire for spiritual growth as well as comraderie with other Alabama pagans.
The meetings will take place the second Wednesday of every month.
***Please Note!!!*** Our meeting venue has changed! We will be
meeting at La Reunion Coffee & Tea Company on Clairmont. If you need directions, please email us and we'll send them to you.
Please check our yahoo group for the upcoming topic which is voted
on by the members in advance. Or feel free to e-mail the listed contact with any questions you have.
See you there!
Event Location: La Reunion 3809 Clairmont Ave. , Birmingham AL 35209


Open New Moons and Full Moons
(Brookland)Presented by: The Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC
Contact: Amanda Riley
When: Every Month
Time: 7:30PM
Event Details: We sponsor open New and Full Moon Rituals each
month as well as all Sabbats. We celebrate this on the actual day. Sabbats are potluck so bring a dish. Children are welcome and are the responsibility of the parents. We work robed however, street clothes are fine as well. We do not allow skyclad! No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol. Open minded people please.
Event Location: 4900 CR 938 , Brookland Ar 72417
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 416 Brookland, Arkansas

Pagans In the Park
(North Little Rock)
Presented by: Coven Of the Green Ring
Contact: Rev. Silver Crow
When: First Sunday and Third Sunday of every Month
Time: 2pm
Call Us At: (501) 812-4232
Event Details: Formerly known as Coffee House Meetings, Pagans in the Park is a chance for people to meet face to face and talk about what ever comes up :). Children are welcome. Meeting places will change depending on the weather. Please call (501)812-4232 for
Up to date information on meeting location.Everyone is welcome
Event Location: 2206 Parkway Dr , North Little Rock Ar 72118
Mailing Address: 2206 Parkway Drive

Introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft
(North Little Rock)
Presented by: The Broom Closet
Contact: Rowan Starfire
When: 10/3/02 - 12/20/02
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Event Details: This class covers some aspects of Wicca/Witchcraft
in detail, but full depth cannot be gained in such a short class. This class is ideal for those who have read some books and would like to put their knowledge into practice.
Event Location: 2206 Parkway Drive , North Little Rock AR 72118
Directions: Take Burns Park exit (150) off I40. Head North. Turn right
after crossing railroad tracks. The Broom Closet is on the right.

Study Classes Open to the Public
Presented by: The Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC
Contact: Amanda Riley
When: Thusday Nights
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Event Details: Open Wicca 101 and then some classes. Bring pencil and paper. Children are welcome, however we suggest that you
bring them toys, snacks and etc for their comfort. We are working on a child care program for classes however it is not in order as of yet. We usually serve coffee so if you do not drink coffee you may want to bring your own non-alcoholic drink.
Event Location: 4900 CR 938 , Brookland ar 72417

Wicca 101 Teaching Circle
(Texarkana )
Presented by: Red Hawk Teaching Circle And Time Bomb Cafe
Contact: Thora Wodenshild
When: Ongoing
Time: Every other Sunday from 4-6 p.m.
Event Details: This is a family oriented circle. No drugs or alcohol, please. You can purchase tea, munchies and other goodies at the cafe.
Children are welcome if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian.
You must be 18 years old to join the group with parent's permission or approved by the instructors.
Event Location: Time Bomb Cafe 214 Broad Street , Texarkana AR
Website: ""


Swap Meet/Drumming Circle
Presented by: Coven of Danu and the Outer Court
Contact: Lord Joshu
When: 10/5/02
Time: 5 PM
Call Us At: 602.234.1481
Event Details: The Coven of Danu in conjunction with the AZ Outer Court is holding another Swap Meet/Drumming Circle. The Swap Meet
will begin at 5 PM and run until about 7 PM or so. Following the Swap Meet will be the Drumming Circle. This will run from around 7 PM until whenever.
The Swap Meet is free for both buyers and sellers. People who wish to sell are asked to provide their own chairs and tables. We have space available in the back yard and in the car port, we will be
reserving the patio area for the drumming.
The Drumming Circle will take place in the patio area. We have some extra seats and spare drums and rattles for those that don't have any. People who wish to participate are asked to bring along
any chairs, drums, rattles, etc. if they have them.
Kids are welcome so long as they are under parental control. We have a large screen TV and a home theater system in the living room
for any older kids that may not be interested in either shopping
or drumming. Some of the movies available for viewing are Shrek, the Lord of the Rings, Men in Black, the Star Wars trilogy, Galaxy Quest and so forth.
If there are any questions about the activities that haven't been covered, please feel free to write and ask.
Eent Location: Ask for directions , Phoenix AZ 85015
Mailing Address: PO Box 34686, Phoenix, AZ 85067
Directions: We are located in central Phoenix, within a couple
of blocks of Phoenix College. Directions will be provided upon request.

Open Samhaine Gathering
Presented by: Clann a' Chion Fhior
Contact: Teeana
When: 10/26/02 - 10/27/02
Time: Around sundown
Event Details: The Clann a' Choin Fhior cordially invites you to
attend a Samhaine Gathering on October 26th at Usery Park Beginning at noon and running until the following day. Everyone of goodwill is welcome so please do feel free to invite your friends regardless of tradition.
General Merry Making, an Eclectic Ritual at sundown... or as close
to sundown as PST allows, one Whoppin Balefire, Eating, Drinking, Music, Dancing, Hanging Prayer Flags, Drumming and a Pathworking led by Dave the Younger at midnight.
At last years Ritual we did an amazing invocation at the end of which,
it rained from a cloudless sky. For all of you who were therethank you again for helping create a wondrous miracle.
Usery Park is located about 7 miles north of Hwy 60 on Ellsworth,
nestled at the base of the Usery Mountains and well outside the Mesa city For those of you who had difficulties finding the Samhain
Gathering in previous years, you will be very happy to note that access to the park is on completely paved roads and its just too easy to find.
Go east on Hwy 60 from I-10 and make a left on Ellsworth, go north
to the park. By the way...Ellsworth turns into Usery Pass Rd and you will see a sign on the right-hand side that says Usery Park Recreation Area turn right at
the sign and into the park entrance. If you see an archery range on the left you have gone too far. We will be in group areas C&D which is wonderfully secluded from the rest of the park - that was the rangers idea - just follow the main park road around to areas C&D where there will be signs and flags with paw prints on them to indicate where to turn. The park fee is $ 8.00 per car and for you all nighters, camping is encouraged.
Areas C&D make up a 5 acre graded and graveled circle with a 2
ramadas, BBQ grills, a few picnic tables, plenty of space for parking
and setting up tents etc. and ... listen up ladies... a toilet. There is running water onsite. There are two large fire pits but if you wish to have a fire at your campsite please do bring a grill or something similar in which to have it. The clann will provide wood for the Balefire and for very small individual fires as well as tikis throughout the site for illumination.
Misc. notes:
You are on your own for food, drink and camping gear, although - Dave
the Younger will be bringing his Raspberry Mead and Regular Meade for all to share - you think 20 gallons will be enough?
Music will be provided via a CD sound system and everyone is encouraged
to bring along any instruments.. drums etc... so we can all make joyous noise together.
The ritual will have a point in which participants will be encouraged to share
their own thoughts or tradition so...don't be shy but if you'd prefer to call ahead of time we can add whatever you like from the get go - after all its a group thing and unique activities are most welcome.
Decorations for the site will be greatly appreciated, so feel free to be creative.
Clann members will be onsite by noon on 10/26 setting up, so a little hint...
if you want the best campsite get there early - regardless there's plenty of room. The last gathering boasted 85 participants and we hope even more beautiful folks will show for this gathering.
Children are very welcome.
Please keep skyclad activities restricted to after 10:00 pm.
Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times.
There will be a fee of 10.00 per car load when entering the camping
area C&D. This is to help defray the cost of renting the site,
providing the wood, generator, fuel, decorations, bonfire and all the other misc. items it takes to pull a large gathering off. Note: The last gathering cost about $600.00 so wed like a little help with those costs. Thank you in advance.
Well, I think that's it. Lets all get together and have a great
time and celebrate.If you have any questions or would like to participate in the gathering planning or setup please call us.
Dave the Younger - 480 706 2953
Teeana MiChelle - 480 231 9424
Failte to You and Yours
from all of the
Clann A Choin Fhior
Event Location: Usery Park 3939 N. Usery Pass Road , Mesa AZ 85207
Directions: Go east on Hwy 60 from I-10 and make a left on Ellsworth,
go north to the park. By the way...Ellsworth turns into Usery Pass Rd and you will see a sign on the right-hand side that says Usery Park Recreation Area turn right at the sign and into the park entrance. If you see an archery range on the left you have gone too far. We will be in group areas C&D which is wonderfully secluded from the rest of the park - that was the rangers idea - just follow the main park road around to areas C&D where there will be signs and flags with paw
prints on them to indicate where to turn. The park fee is $ 8.00 per car and for you all nighters, camping is encouraged.


The Witches Ball
(San Jose)
Presented by: Full Circle Events
Contact: Sia or Azeraeis
When: 10/12/02
Time: 6 to Midnight
Call Us At: 408-224-4625
Event Details: The 3rd annual Witche's Ball will take place this year at the
San Jose Civic Auditorium. This is an elegant costume ball as well as a fund raiser for our local Humane Society. The theme this year is: BOHEMIA AND THE MOULIN ROUGE (1)
Last year over 600 people attended The Witches Ball. We expect to increase that number this year and we have rented a larger hall in downtown San Jose.
Come dance with us till The Witching Hour, meet friends, shop in our Magical Marketplace and feast in the Performer's Garden. This is a family friendly event and all ages are welcome. A portion of all proceeds benefits the Humane Society of Santa Clara.
Tickets are on sale on our website from May - October. Tickets are also available in 12 Bay Area stores from September 1st - October 12th. Check our 2002 Witches Ball website for the list of those stores selling tickets.
Our website has a detailed FAQ about the ball, as well as a Tickets page, a Film page, a Costuming Page, information on San Jose resteraunts and hotels and lots more.
Event Location: San Jose Civic Auditorium , San Jose CA 95050
Mailing Address: 615 Malarin Ave.
Directions: Listed on our website
Website II: ""

Three Realms
(Santa Barbara)
Presented by: Raven's Cry Grove, ADF
Contact: Todd Covert
When: 10/17/02 - 10/20/02
Event Details: A camping festival for ADF Druids and others. Open to all paths and featuring rituals and workshops celebrating Neopagan Druidism. The event schedule includes workshops by ADF's Archdruid, Skip Ellison and a concert by harpist Stephanie Bennett and friends. Pre-registration required.
Event Location: Sage Hill Group Campground , Santa Barbara ca
Mailing Address: 859 N Hollywood Way #368, Burbank CA 91505

Samhain Ritual and Ancestor Feast
Presented by: Dandelion Circle
Contact: catnip
When: 11/2/02
Time: 5:30 pm
Event Details: A potluck and ritual in honor of the neo-pagan festival of Samhain.
Choose to honor a particular friend or relative who has died, or your ancestors in general.
Bring a dish to share, it should be either a favorite food of someone you are choosing to honor, or an ethnic food representing your cultural background/identity. Vegetarian choices are encouraged, but not required. It can be a main dish, side or dessert.
You can also bring photographs and mementos for the memorial altar. Items will be reclaimed at the end of the event, but put a name tag with phone number on them when practical, please.
Anyone of good intent is welcome, feel free to bring friends and family. Please don't bring pets, street illegal knives, drugs or alcohol. If you can send us an email letting us know that you are coming, that would be great; it helps when we are planning to know how many to expect.
Children are welcome, but are expected to behave appropriately to the solemnity of the occasion.
A donation of $5 is requested to help cover the cost of hall rental, but everyone is welcome, whether or not they can or choose to pay.
What is remembered lives
Event Location: 2737 Pacific Ave at Bristol, First UU Church , Stockton ca 95207
Directions: First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton, Jackson Hall

Website II: ""

First Annual Dark Moon Mass Initiation
Presented by: Dark Moon Tradition
Contact: Selene Rose Moonraven
When: 6/1/03
Time: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Call Us At: 1-530-538-8532
Event Details: Please ONLY approved applicants to Dark Moon Covens for year 2002-2003 attend, all ages, please no guests, all weather, bring backpack to carry gifts and awards.
Last chance to withdraw.
Event Location: Feather River Nature Center , Oroville CA 95965

Pagan Sabats
Presented by: Temple of American Witch Craft
Contact: Angel Winges
When: All of our sabats are open to the public
Time: Usuall at 4 or 5 p.m.
Event Details: The eight sabats are used as an open house with pot luck dinner so that we can meet and unite with other pagans in our community.
Event Location: Write for address , Eureka CA 95501
Directions: Please contact me at if you would like to attend and celebrate with us.

New & Full Moon Ritual
(Lake Tahoe)
Presented by: Children of the Belladonna Moon
Contact: Junniper Starr Cross
When: currently active
Time: varies, please e-mail contact
Event Details: Bring anything you would want for ritual. All will be given the opportunity to participate, but observers welcome. Kids may be alright but PLEASE contact Junniper and get an okay FIRST. Childcare info avible and possibly on site. We are still trying to meet outside but it is getting chilly, so if the meeting is outside dress warmly. Sugestions for a good inside meeting place needed. Time and Place are usually definate about 1+1/2 weeks prior to full/new moon. Your imput and preferaces are important, so if you want a say in the matter contact us ahead of time.
Event Location: various outdoor locations as long as weather permits , Lake Tahoe CA 96151

Laughing Cauldron Circle
Presented by: Laughing Cauldron
Contact: Heather Bolton
When: Wednesdays
Time: 7:00 pm
Event Details: All are welcome, kids, pets, fairies. We hold a workshop once a week on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Locations vary, so please contact me for location. All circles are open to all races, creeds, sizes, sexual orientation. Come rain or shine we celebrate the sabbaths and the phases of the moon. Please check out our website for more information about us and our sister circle, Dandelion Circle, in Lodi.
Event Location: Location changing , Merced CA 95340
Directions: Please contact me for directions and locations of events and workshops.

Open Full Moon Ritual
Presented by: Caer Glas
Contact: Kelvin Dodd, Linda Ellen When: Monthly
Time: When it gets dark
Call Us At: 805-641-3955
Event Details: A good introductory ritual level for new folks. Emphasis on celebration and sharing rather than impressing the mundanes. Although our tradition has a Celtic basis the ritual structure is designed to be comprehensible by those with other traditional experience.
The circles are based out of private homes, so please call or e-mail first so we have an idea of who you are and how many. These circles are offered as a community service and are not intended as a recruitment drive.
Event Location: Location changable, call or e-mail , Ventura ca 93001
Mailing Address: 5045 Floral Drive, Ventura, CA 93001


The 11th Annual Samhain Witches` Ball
Presented by: Living Goddess LLC
Contact: Jackie Weller
When: 10/26/02
Time: 7pm until Midnight
Event Details: Wear your finest costumery!
Live Music and Dancing, featuring Saxxon Woods, Special Guest Serpentine. Psyhic Readings, Aura Photography, Merchants and Artists, Costume Contest at 9pm. Dinner and Refreshments Sales, Estatic Drumming.
Volunteers Needed - Free Admission to Volunteers
Advance Credit Card Ticket Sales Available September 16th online at
And with cash or check at Wings, Herb & Arts, and Spirit Wise Metaphysical stores.
Event Location: Highlands Masonic Center, 3550 Federal Boulevard, south entrance , Denver CO 80211
Directions: 35th and Federal Boulevard

Samhain ritual
(Colorado Springs)
Presented by: Earth Spirit Pagans and Shadowlight coven
Contact: Assembly of Stewards
When: 11/1/02
Time: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Call Us At: 1-800-731-2650
Event Details: Come to the Samhain ritual! All interested are welcome. Costumes are not mandatory. Entry donation includes dinner.
Pre ritual drumming and games. Visit the website for more details.
Event Location: 612 E. Yampa St. , Colorado Springs CO 80904
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1965, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Directions: Directions to North Middle School - From I-25 (going north or south), Exit at Exit 143 (Uintah St.). After exiting, head east (away from mountains) on Unitah St. Follow Unitah St. to El Paso St. (approx. 1 1/2 to 2 miles) Turn right on El Paso St. Follow El Paso St. to Yampa St. You'll see the school on the right side of the street. Turn Right on Yampa St. Park in front of the school. Use the main entrance. There is a custodian on duty for directions to the cafeteria.

Full Moon ritual
Colorado Springs)
Presented by: Earth Spirit Pagans
Contact: Assembly of Stewards
When: every month on the night of Full Moon
Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Call Us At: 1-800-731-2650
Event Details: Ritual always on the night of Full Moon. Ritual starts at 7pm. Call/email for location or information. Please bring fingerfood or beverage to share. Pre-ritual drumming. Social time after ritual. Always accepting donations of canned/nonperishable goods or clothing for the Food & Clothing Drives. Families, youth and children welcome. Dress for the weather.
Event Location: varies , Colorado Springs CO 80901
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1965, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1965


October Hayride and Drum Circle
Presented by: Pagan Community Church
Contact: Rev. Alicia Folberth
When: 10/12/02
Time: 8:00 pm
Call Us At: 203-922-1076
Event Details: October Hayride and Drumming Circle
Sponsored by the Pagan Community Church
Saturday, October 12th, 2002
Join us for the PCC's Annual Hayride and biggest Drum Circle of the Year! Please be there by 8:00pm to register as the hayride will leave at 8:30 pm Sharp! Followed by a drum circle by the bonfire. Drummers, dancers and friends are welcome! Sandwiches, donuts, hot cider, coffee and soda provided.
Pagan Community Church, PO Box 5622, Bridgeport, CT 06610
Phone: 203-922-1076
Event Location: Schrieber's Farm, Quakers Farm Road , Oxford ct 06610
Mailing Address: Pagan Community Church, PO Box 5622, Bridgeport, CT 06610

Children's Circle Dance, Drum and Storytime.
Presented by: Earth Circle
Contact: Ryo
When: 10/13/02
Time: 1 pm - 4 pm
Call Us At: 203-374-5363
Event Details: Join us for our pagan family "playgroup". We meet once a month and share a few simple circle dances, do some drumming and share stories. Email or call for more information, or other upcoming event dates.
Event Location: Close to the Edge - Bridgeport Avenue , Milford CT 06460
Directions: 1 Block South of Milford Hospital
2nd annual WES Witches Ball & Samhain Ritual!
(Shirley (Mass))
Presented by: The Wiccan Educational Society - WES
Contact: Heidi Couture
When: 10/26/02
Time: Doors open at 8pm
Event Details: When you walk through the veil, will you go out as you came in? Now is the time for TRANSFORMATION...Let It Begin!
Our night is packed with incredible talent, fun, mystery and magick!
Some features are:
DJ LANEY G. aka Laney Goodman lives in the Boston area and has traveled throughout the country to spin at some of the hottest dance clubs: Hepburn's-Philly, Pied Piper-P'Town, Manray-Boston, G-Spot-San Francisco, and Club Cafe-Boston.
She is also a mobile DJ and has spinned for many organizations and festivals including Fuego Latino, Pacific Coast Women's Motorcycle Fest, Russian River Pride, Goddess Gala, Lavender Lizards, SF Women's Center, Trance Dance with Tantric Rhythm Ride and Six Degrees of Sassification-a perfomance piece.
From 8-9p.m. you will have the opportunity to connect with a psychic, medium or Tarot reader. All readings are Free! So get there at 8pm sharp to sign up for your free reading!
~SAMHAIN RITUAL - 10 pm sharp!
The Traditional Samhain Ritual will be held promptly at 10p.m! All are welcome to participate or respectfully observe. Samhain is the night when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest, it is the perfect time to enter the veil of transformation and weave into the New Year what you most desire. We will end the ritual with a Spiral Dance.
~LIVE MUSIC by the band vEil!
The band vEil has been described as a "Medieval Gypsy Led Zeppelin". However, this spot categorization cannot do the band justice, "vEil" has to be experienced first hand to gain any comprehension about what they sound like. Their all original musical set pulls from Indian, Mid Eastern, Trance and Tribal rhythms. Exceptionally talented lead vocalist Holly Brewer is a musical ritualist who keeps the audience spellbound.
~The Bull Run Restaurant!
A variety of hot and cold appetizers will be served, including, scallops wrapped in bacon, imported cheeses, chicken teriyaki, crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, grilled kielbasa as well as many vegetarian choices! Full Cash Bar & RAFFLES!
To purchase your $25 ticket in advance visit and pay with your credit card through Pay Pal.
Send a check to:
PO Box 621
Ashburnham, MA 01430
No checks after 10/20/02 please.

Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $30(cash only)
The Wiccan Educational Society is a non-profit organization.
50% of the proceeds of this event go to the Goddess Temple Project. See for more info about this exciting project and how you can help!
Event Location: The Bull Run Restaurant, 215 Great Rd., RT 2A , Shirley (Mass) CT 01464
Mailing Address: PO Box 621, Ashburnham, MA 01430
Directions: Bull Run Phone: 877-536-7190 toll-free, , From Boston:, Route 2 West. Take Exit 38 B (Ayer/Harvard). Follow Routes 110/111 for about two miles, until you come to a rotary. Take the third right off the rotary, following Route 2A West. Follow Rt. 2A 5 miles into Shirley. The Bull Run will be about a mile after the Shirley town line, on your right, on the corner of Route 2A and Longley Road. There is parking in the front, and ample parking in the rear and across the covered bridge behind the restaurant., , From Worcester:, I-190 North to Route 2 East. Take Shirley Road Exit. Follow North until you come to a stop sign. Go right, and than take the immediate left onto Center Road (up the hill and over the railroad tracks). When you come to historic Shirley Center, bear left at the common, and then at the stop sign take a left onto Parker Rd. At the end of Parker Road, take a right onto Route 2A. The Bull Run will be on your left, located on the corner of Route 2A and Longley Road. There is ample parking in the front, in the rear, and across the covered bridge behind the restaurant., , From Nashua, N.H.:, Take Route 111 to Massachusetts to Route 119. Left on Route 119 towards Groton. Pick up Route 225 toward West Groton. Follow Route 225 crossing Shirley Town line. Take 2nd left onto Longley Road. The Bull Run is at the end of Longley on the corner on the right. There is ample parking in the front, in the rear, and across the covered bridge behind the restaurant.

Halloween Open House
Presented by: The Sage Moon
Contact: Roseann Miller
When: 10/26/02
Time: 11am to 5pm
Call Us At: 203-679-0484
Event Details: A fund raising and educational event with a two-fold purpose. We would like to collect food for WHEAT (West Haven Emergency Assistance Taskforce) and we would like to educate the general public on the history and spiritual significance of Halloween (Samhain).
Bring a non-perishable food item and receive your choice of $5 off the cost of a reading, or a coupon worth 10% off any store purchase of $10 or more.
A variety of talented readers will be available all day, including tarot, clairvoyant, tea leaf, psychic medium, and ancestral guide readings. Mediumship sessions will be tape recorded per client's request.
We will be offering a 4-page hand-out that explains the history or Halloween and its significanc to modern-day Pagans. There will be a raffle, door prizes, free mini-classes in candle magick, and much more.
At the end of the day, we will host a special ceremony to honor our ancestors. This will be led by psychic medium Lori-Ann Locke, and will include messages from the spirit world. Seating is limited and advance registration will be required for this event.
Event Location: The Sage Moon, 80 Quinnipiac Street , Wallingford CT 06492
Mailing Address: 80 Quinnipiac St Wallingford, CT 06492
Directions: From I-91, take exit 13. Bear right at end of exit ramp and travel NORTH on RT 5 into Wallingford center. Qunnipiac Street will be your first left after the Dairy Queen. Look for the Gazebo on the corner. Park across the street from the store in the community parking lot.
Website II:

Samhain Ritual Celebration
(East Hartford)
Presented by: Hearthside Haven
Contact: Ellen
When: 10/26/02
Time: 5:00 pm
Event Details: Join Hearthside Haven for a Samhain Celebration. Our celebrations are geared towards the whole family (kids included!) We will be honoring and welcoming our ancestors and "dearly departed" into the circle and the kids will go "trick or treating" around the circle to hear stories and do divination.
Hearthside Haven is an incorporated Norse/Celtic(Druid)/Eclectic open coven. We gather to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and to pass down our traditions and mythologies to our children. Hearthside Haven is a place where we, as Pagans, can raise our children within our religion positively and safely. Circles include the children to their abilities and understanding and encourages their participation. All families, family-friendly Pagans and sincere open-minded seekers are welcome.
See you here!
Event Location: 211 Arbutus St , East Hartford CT 06108


Autumn Magick
Presented by: Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel
Contact: Ivo Dominguez, Jr
When: 10/25/02 - 10/27/02
Call Us At: 302 855-0699
Event Details: More details to follow.... but there will be a full schedule of workshops and rituals presented by teachers from the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.
This is a benefit for the New Alexandrian Library Project (
Hold these dates in your calendar.
Event Location: Seelie Court , Georgetown DE 19947

Between The Worlds: A Grand Magickal Congress
Presented by: Assembly of the Sacred Wheel
Contact: Ivo Dominguez, Jr
When: 11/4/04 - 11/7/04
Time: Thurs Afternoon - Sun Afternoon
Event Details: Between The Worlds is a major interfaith esoteric conference sponsored by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan non-profit religious organization.This conference is an opportunity to experience deep learning and moving rituals from a wide range of esoteric paths and traditions. Between The Worlds is not an annual event. The last Between The Worlds was held in May of 2000.
This conference brings together some of the finest teachers to provide a powerful and transformative environment. It is also a time to build dialogue and to foster interconnections between the various life affirming magickal Traditions and Paths.
More information will be listed as it is firmed up. Please visit our website.
Event Location: Wyndham Hotel , Wilmington DE 19801
Mailing Address: 14914 Deer Forest Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947

Seelie Court Sweat Lodges
Presented by: ASW/Seelie Court
Contact: Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
When: 6 times a year. See website for details
Time: 10:30 AM & 1:00 PM
Call Us At: 302 855-9422
Event Details: We hold open sweat ceremonies at Seelie Court 6 times a year. All the sweats are on Saturdays. We hold one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We use a Wiccan protocol but on occasion have guest Water Pourers from other traditions. See the website for details.
Event Location: Seelie Court , Georgetown DE

Divination, Prophecy, and Oracular Vision
Presented by: Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
Contact: Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
When: 12/28/02
Time: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm with a lunch break
Call Us At: (302) 855-9422

The Ethical Practice of Magick
Presented by: Guardians of the Windsword, ASW
Contact: Gaelan
When: 11/4/02
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Call Us At: 302-855-9037
Event Details: Infants and older teens fine.
Event Location: 15796 Enchanted Way , Georgetown de 19947
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 582 Georgetown DE 19947
Directions: Visit or call for more information and for directions to Herne's Hollow on Enchanted Way.
Website: Details: Divination, prophecy, and oracular vision have qualitative and quantitative similarities and differences. This class will explore the spectrum of what we call divination, prophecy, and oracular vision.
There are many handouts and materials given out in this intensive so you must preregister so that I can plan properly. To register just call (302) 855-9422 or email
Event Location: Seelie Court , Georgetown DE 19947


A Witches Night 2002
Presented by: S.T.O.N.E
Contact: Gwen Allen
When: 10/11/02 - 10/13/02
Time: Gates Open @ 10am
Call Us At: 407-222-6509
Event Details: A Witches Night 2002
A truly magikal retreat for the mind body and soul.
This is the night when the veils to our worlds are open and all shall be remembered. So come join us in the remembrance of our love ones. This is a time of rebirth and transition. So come yee╔ Come all╔ and enjoy the celebration of life.
This is fundraising event for the incorporation of S.T.O.N.E (Spiritual Teachings On Natural Eclecticism). Within the stone there is everything you only have to put your ear to the ground to hear what the earth mother has to say. The Stones are the children of the earth. We are dedicated to the fundamental teachings of our community at large. Under stone we are all equal, as the great sprit wanted us to be. We are a group dedicated to the mother earth and the father sky. We do not discriminate on person or creed. STONE is here to provide the community with all of its natural teachings. Under the STONE we will hold celebrations, rituals, workshops, and classes for the education of the mind, body and soul. So come join us and enjoy the All that nature has to offer. This Festival will be done totally outside. There will be workshops, discussions, singing, food, and much more. This is a time when all pagans should get together and worship as they see fit. There is no Dictation to life only meaning. We are all the same in the eyes of the Great Spirit. So come and join us in the celebration of the life giving earth. Until we all meet.
May the Dragon Guide you always.
Lady Draikaina
Lord Drakalu
Event Location: 1800 Wekiwa Circle , Apopka fl 32712

Southeastern Spirit Gathering
(Plant City)
Presented by: The Rowan Grove, Inc

Contact: Druydess
When: 10/11/02 - 10/13/02
Time: 10AM Friday - 5PM Sunday
Call Us At: 386-860-6739
Event Details: Resurrection of Ancestors...
A Celebration of Magick, Spirituality, and Community!
The Rowan Grove invites Pagans from the east and west coasts to come together and get to know the Rowan Grove Family and each other. Our minimal fee, which is one third less than normal, allows everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of Festival. It is our hope that this will help build a stronger, more cohesive Pagan community. So, whether you are a solitary or coven member, everyone of every tradition is welcome to be a part of the family and celebrate the long forgotten art of discovering the hidden spirit within each of us.
Join us for: Workshops, Drumming and Fire Circles, Bardic Circle, Concert by Teresa Spiritsong, The Rowan Grove Awards, (like Darwin's, but funnier), Our Infamous Raffle, Ritual to Isis, by Rowan Grove Priesthood, Vendors, and much more...
We are pleased to be working with Richard and Mary of All World Acres to bring you this event.
A food plan is available by contacting Mary at Rising Sun Cafe: Reservations are required in advance so Mary can plan accordingly.
Reg forms and other information is available at, or call us at 386-860-6739. Confirmation packets will be mailed after your Reg form is processed.
We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to build community and be an essential part of the Magick!
Blessings, The Council of Rowan Grove
Event Location: All World Acres, 4715 Bruton Rd , Plant City fl 33565
Mailing Address: PO Box 391434, Deltona, Fl., 32739
Directions: Directions to All World Acres: , All World Acres is at 4715 Bruton Rd. Plant City, FL. Exit #21 off I-4, SR 39 (Paul Buchman Highway). Go north on SR39 for 5.3 miles, then left on Bruton Rd. Follow Bruton for 2.1 miles. All World is on your left, look for big green sign with unicorn.

Samhain Campout
Presented by: Spellweaver The Pagan Tree
Contact: Manuela Davis
When: 10/25/02 - 10/27/02
Event Details: Complete details, rules, what's needed and all other information about this event can be found on our website.
Event Location: Refer to website for complete directions , Holt FL 32564


New Moon Ritual
Presented by: Temple of the Four Winds Evanston
Contact: Karen Jackson
When: 10/6/02
Time: 7:00 PM
Call Us At: 773.274.7910
Event Details: This is a ritual to bring us together in community to celebrate the dark of the moon. All are welcome; Temple of the Four Winds embraces diversity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender. Please join us to experience your spirituality in a sacred circle of perfect love and trust.
Following the ritual, refreshments are provided to restore our energy.
Your donation of $ 5.00 helps cover the cost of rent and food.
Event Location: Hemenway United Methodist Church 933 Chicago Avenue , Evanston IL 60201
Directions: Half block north of the intersection of Main and Chicago in Evanston on the East side of Chicago Avenue. Easily accessible from the Purple Line. IF FRONT DOOR IS LOCKED, GO AROUND TO BACK.


Freeing Your Voice: A Chanting Workshop
with Mimi Baczewska
At Diana's Grove in Salem, Missouri
October 11-13, 2002

Drumsong: Beyond the Edge
A Women's Weekend with Ubaka Hill
At Diana's Grove in Salem, Missouri
October 25-27, 2002


4th Annual Black Forest Witches Ball
(Harrisburg )
Presented by: The Black Forest Clan
Contact: Cynthia
When: 10/26/02
Event Details: Seminars 9:00 am to 5:15 pm /includes catered lunch
Samhain Ritual 5:30 to 6:30
Witches Ball 8:00 to 2:00/ includes catered dinner
alochol served bring ID.
visit our website for more information
Event Location: The Holiday Inn, Harrisburg East 4751 Lindle Rd. , Harrisburg pa 17111

Presented by: Covenant of Brighid's Haven
Contact: Sharon
When: 10/30/02
Time: 7:00 Doors Open, 8:00 Rite Begins
Call Us At: 814-456-7171
Event Details: Come one, come all to celebrate Samhain with the Covenant of Brighid's Haven. This year's Samhain Rite will be led by Jeremy & promises to be different than anything else we've done for Samhain before (which seems to be becoming our tradition fo Samhian). Further details will be added as they become this space... :)
Event Location: Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Erie, 7180 Perry Highway , Erie PA 16509
Mailing Address: PO Box 561 Erie,PA 16512-0561
Directions: A half mile north of I-90 on Rt. 97

Full and New Moon Services with the Standing Stones
Presented by: Four Quarters
Contact: Patricia Althouse
When: New and Full Moon
Time: Saturday Evenings closest to the Lunar Full or New Moon
Event Details: New and Full Moon Services at Four Quarters
We are an InterFaith Sanctuary of EarthReligion, and as such we work hard to create a ceremonial framework that is welcoming and open to all. Over time we have developed our own traditions with our Moon Services and they continue to grow, change and gather their own maturity of practice.
Our Moon Services are held on the Saturday evening most closely falling upon the Lunar Full or New Moon, usually about dusk. In fair weather we celebrate the Moons in the Stone Circle and in foul weather using the Church Meeting Hall. Many choose to stay overnight, and sharing Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast together is a part of our ongoing tradition. In cold or wet weather we can always find heated floor space for sleeping.
Moon Services are often celebrated within a Wiccan Ceremonial Framework, as this is the predominant tradition of our membership and has developed into a Lingua Franca of modern EarthReligous practice. We Cast Circle in a Sacred Way, Honor the Cardinal Quarters of the Circle, Invoke the Goddess, God and the Ancestors. We honor the children, their parents, the Maids and Gallants, and our community's Aunts, Uncles and Elders who stand in their support. Finding recognition for all of the stations in the Wheel of Life and all of our places upon it. We also invite members of the world's other Earth Religious traditions to bring ceremony to our Moon Services. Thus we have seen the traditions of Traditional Wicca, Vodoun, Tibetan Buddhism, Druidism, Santeria and Native America represented at Four Quarters.
Our ceremonials are written and led each month by The Couple in Service to the Circle, drawn from our Membership and invited guests. This couple reflects the gender balance that we find is necessary to EarthReligous practice, although that balance is not necessarily reflected by physical gender. In taking on the responsibility for leading Circle, the Couple in Service are able to grow in their own understanding of ceremony; and by inviting others to assist them, they make a place for those with less experience to grow as well. More than any other reason, it is this practice of open leadership in Circle that has unified our diversity of traditions for seven unbroken years of monthly New and Full Moon Services.
The Membership and Board of Directors of Four Quarters has not yet ordained any clergy, nor do we recognize any permanent High Priestess or Priest. In so doing we keep the traditions developed by the Plain People (Amish) of Pennsylvania; our legally binding marriages are celebrated and witnessed by the congregation assembled, the marriage certificates are sealed by the President of the Church Corporation.
Moon Services often feature the song of "The StoneSingers," our Church choir. Together with the rich decorations of the Altars and the Stone Circle, they help weave together a vibrant experience in Earth Religion. Every other month we host Sweat Lodge on a Moon Service weekend. Our Sweat Lodge is cared for by KOHI, The Children of Fire; a group of Four Quarters Members who have taken on this sacred responsibility.
Our Moon Services have become the core experience that binds together the People and Land of Four Quarters, providing the seasonal continuity that lies at the root of our Spiritual sensibilities. We hope that you will join us in Circle as we worship in the old way; and find out for yourself what makes shared ceremony so important in developing the real living traditions of EarthReligion.
For a full listing and schedule of MoonService weekends at Four Quarters visit our web site at or call us at the church offices, that's 814-784-3075.
Event Location: 190 Walker Lane , Artemas PA 17211
Directions: Just 100 miles from Baltimore-Washington in the Allegheany Mountains of far southern Pennsylvania right on the Maryland line. 3 miles from exit 68 of I-68.

Full Moon Circle Class
(Clarks Summit)
Presented by: The Goddess Shoppe
Contact: Rev. Whitney Mulqueen
When: class will meet each full moon
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Call Us At: (570)-585-4030
Event Details: No kids please- teenagers o.k. with parent.
Event Location: 214 Depot St. , Clarks Summit PA
Mailing Address: 214 Depot St, Clarks Summit, PA 18411


Witchcamp 2002
October 20-27, 2002
in Central Texas
Theme: Sex, Death, Money, Power and Magic



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