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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002
Colors of Samhain

The Colors of Samhain


As you will notice most Samhain colors come straight from the landscape. Orange, red, gold,and brown from the falling leaves. Walk through the local farmers market and see these colors in the apples, pumpkins, squash and gourds. Put these colors together and you can't help but think autumn.

Red    Energy, Vigor,Lust, Passion, Courage, Enthusiasm, Birth and Transformation.

Red is a color of passion, lust, and life-giving blood, it may be used in spells for attraction/sexuality and conception/childbearing. Red is also the color of the Mother in the ancient Triple Goddess
triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It is used for energy and strength, courage and willpower. Red is one of the five Chinese elements, representing Fire, and is seen in the West as representing Fire as well. It symbolizes happiness, good fortune and spiritual blessings in the Far East. It represents the planet Mars. Red is sacred to Ares, Chango, Mars, and Set. It was a color representing death in Ancient Greece.


Orange Strength, Authority, Attraction, Luck, Success, Legal Matters

Orange is a color warmth, vitality and endurance. It may be used in spells for encouragement, creativity, and mental agility. May also be used for legal and business actions, success and ambition. It represents the element Fire. Meditate on a
bright, clear orange to help bring about emotional clarity.


Yellow (& Gold) Divination & Clairvoyance, Learning, Wisdom, Divination.

Yellow is a color of happiness and communication. Gold is a color of charisma and wealth. Use them for good fortune, fast luck and intuition. Yellow can also be used for concentration, confidence and mental clarity. Gold is one of the five Chinese elements, representing Metal. It symbolizes success, wealth and strength in the Far East. Yellow represents Earth. It symbolizes blessings, great wisdom and guarding against evil in the Far East. Yellow and gold are Solar colors, and as such is sacred to sun gods, as well as Shakti and Oshun. The Mayans used this color to represent death. Gold is a color for the element Fire. Also for divination, clairvoyance.


White Purity, Truth, Protection, Chastity, Happiness, Spirituality

White evokes the death of the old and the birth of the new; it is the color of dedication for brides and initiates. White is also the color of the Maiden in the ancient Triple Goddess triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. White is a color of purity and harmony. Use it for spirituality, balancing the aura, workings for small children, and destoying negative energies. Also, initiation and mystical knowledge. With gold, white is one of the five Chinese elements, representing Metal. It symbolizes marriage, children and mourning in the Far East. With black it represents understanding, knowledge and completeness. It is considered a sacred color to Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Chango, Shango, White Tara and Yemaya.


Black   Loss, Discord, Absorption or destruction of negativity.

Black is a color of protection, impenetrability and resolve.Black is the color of the Crone in the ancient
Triple Goddess triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. 
Black symbolizes death and renunciation, but also rebirth, initiation, and renewal. Use it for reversing or binding negative forces and reversing or breaking up blockages or stagnant situations. Black is one of the five Chinese elements, representing Water. It symbolizes deception and penance in the Far East. Black is the color of the planet Saturn. It is the waning moon. It is sometimes said to be sacred to Osiris, Demeter, Kali, and Oya. It is a color of the Crone. For the Aztecs, it meant wisdom; for the Egyptians, it meant resurrection. Hindus marry in it, while the western world mourn in it.


Grey (& Silver) Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate,Purity, Protection, Ice, Heavenly, Stars, Potential

Grey is a color of neutrality. Silver is a color of charm and mystique. Use grey for meditation, and for symbolizing the state of existence just before rebirth. Use silver for victory, stability, and neutralizing any situation. Grey is seen in the East as representing travel and helpful people. Grey is sacred to the Graeae ("the Grey Ones"), and it can be a color of loneliness. Silver is a Moon color, and is sacred to moon goddesses, representing the new moon.  Silver is also the colorof potential.


Brown Earth Energy! Grounding, centering consciousness, the soil, practicality.

Brown is the color of the fecund earth, the loamy soil from which good things grow. Brown is also an Earth Mother color, grounded and nurturing.  Brown communicates security and aversion to risk.Brown is a color of security and strength rooted in the Earth. Use for establishing financial success, grounding, basic material needs, and communication with nature spirits. It is a color for simplicity and for resolve.