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The Cottage Sept/Oct Samhain 2002




Rowan Canterbury 

Spinning and spinning; unseen and forever sought out, magick is that which is ever present yet always elusive.

An eternal seduction that dances before some; yet hides when entrapped by rules and conditioning magick is that which blesses the unsuspecting innocent.

Contrary to popular belief, magick is not always large and loud. Sad is the individual whom looks only to the bold and beautiful, the supposed powerful and dominant. Mislead are those that seek to control it, rather than sway like a sleeping lover in its warm cradle.

You see, magick is one and all living things, seen and unseen. It is the reality of chaos and the denial of ignorance, all in the sound of a single drop of rain.

Magick occurs in the dreaming mind that has exfoliated consciousness, to leap naked and alive in the universe without flesh

Every action of every day of every reaction and every consequence murmured percussion is laced with the iridescence of magickal influence. The night, a reflection of silence and balance when the world sleeps and one is free to welcome time and illuminate the soul with the moon and light the way of wonder.

Like faith, it cant be written in one document, it cant be contained in one mind. Just as the cosmos is ever expanding and shifting to allow existence to grow, thus ensuring the continuing eruption of life.

Those whom study it, study eternal. Those whom seek it must learn first that in the finding, one only has to open ones unconscious eyes. See the flight of a humming bird, know the strength of a tiger, feel love, understand where hate comes from and how it will darken your center. Appreciate every breath, respect each diverse form of life, become aware of the tides of the natural world.

Understand that magick never stops, even when you choose to ignore it. It is all evil and all good and it is thus in the mind of the user. It slingshots like a winding spiral to return to its source, either enhancing or destroying, based on the origin of its conception, as all energy in the natural world exists in an eternal cycle.

Understanding magick is hearing the symphony of creation and playing your part with all your heart and soul, adding to the mystical beauty of the never finished overture.